The culmination of the initial phase of the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) programme is a major milestone. It paves the way for the development of highly innovative products and ways of working that will deliver economic, social and sustainability benefits for future generations.

Highlights include research and tools that will power the next generation of electric vehicles; quantum-secure 5G connectivity to operate remote factories; and digitally-led product development that is five times faster than traditional methods. Presented in the latest edition of Digital Now, these proof-of-concept demonstrators offer digitally-enabled ways to make British industry more sustainable and globally competitive, creating new markets and opportunities for businesses in the South West.


Digital Now Issue 1

Pioneering results in the first year of DETI

In its first year, DETI produced pioneering results and undertaken vital research to accelerate digital adoption in engineering using a series of industrial test beds. The first issue of Digital Now highlights key learnings from the DETI Skills team, who worked closely with schools and colleges in the West of England to deliver inclusive STEM careers outreach in the form of innovative learning opportunities and events. Read more about the research highlights announced in the news announcement


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