Design and Analysis

With over 70 engineers who specialise in design and analysis with advanced materials, we use the latest tools and techniques to progress your ideas from conception to detailed analysis, and ready for manufacture. From aircraft components, wind turbines, and hydrogen storage tanks, to bike frames and kayak paddles, we are versatile across engineering and lifestyle applications, with design experience across a wide range of industries. 

Working with you to capture all requirements, we explore a full range of innovative and cost-effective design options in line with industry best practice, which are refined based on insights from analyses to provide you with the best solution. Sustainability is considered throughout the product lifecycle to minimise carbon footprint, and we use digital methodologies to accelerate the design process. 

How we can help

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    Conceptual design

    We develop current and next generation products, through geometric design, material and process selection, and environmental and economic sustainability, to meet conflicting and challenging design requirements across a range of applications.

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    Modelling and simulation

    Reducing expensive physical trials, our extensive process simulation capabilities allow us to predict the quality of a manufactured part based on the product and process design. Through our expertise in structural analysis, we can predict and optimise the performance of a designed part in its operating conditions. 

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    Design implementation

    Getting designs ready for manufacture, we apply design for manufacture methodologies to minimise production and assembly costs. This includes the design and development of simple to complex manufacturing tooling, providing part design requirements, and a solution ready for the manufacturing process.

Training and skills development

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    Composite Strength and Stiffness

    If you need to focus on improving the strength and stiffness elements of your composite designs, this course will give you a knowledge of composite properties and an understanding of how each of the plies effect the global part.

Case studies

  • Read more about Project Century

    Project Century

    Project Century was a £4.9m initiative investigating whether a manufacturing process for a composite component could meet automotive industry targets of a 60 second production cycle time, equating to a vehicle production rate of 50,000 a year. Allied to this was the goal of delivering a comparative component weight reduction in the region of 30% compared to metallic counterparts.

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