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Ensuring that your products maintain their competitive edge, and next generation products are market-leading is critical in achieving your company’s aspirations. That’s why our experienced engineers work closely with you to make your product ideas a reality. Whether the need to innovate is driven by cost, performance, rate, quality, sustainability or a combination of these, we can balance all requirements to deliver the best solution for you.

Sustainability is a key priority and major driver for innovation within engineering. We have a dedicated team of sustainability experts that ensure it is embedded throughout the product development process, to minimise impact on the environment.

How we can help you

Conceptual product development and system design

Read more about Conceptual product development and system design

Conceptual product development and system design

We provide a comprehensive range of product development and optimisation services from early requirements capture through to ideas generation and conceptual design. We consider a wide range of requirements such as mass, structural performance, manufacturability, sustainability and cost, to ensure our engineering solutions meet your needs.

Advanced materials such as composites have remarkable material properties. Our engineers possess deep expertise in composites design and manufacturing processes, understanding how to maximise their potential and unlock innovation. 

Material and process selection

Selecting the right material and processing method is critical to meeting your product requirements, and to secure a resilient supply chain. We use best practice in down-selection methodologies coupled with vast experience in advanced materials processing, to recommend the most feasible outcome for your requirements. 

Our team utilises the latest material and processing technologies, along with a strong supply chain network that ensures we provide you with state-of-the-art solutions. This includes sustainable materials that have a lower embodied energy to reduce end-of-life challenges, that help move your organisation towards net zero. 

Design for sustainability

To have the biggest effect on reducing environmental impact, the sustainability of products and processes needs to be embedded early in the design phase.

Sustainability is embedded into all of our design processes at the outset. We offer through-life environmental impact assessments and ensure life-cycle considerations are fundamental to our design processes and best practice. 

We are actively leading research activities and thought leadership in Design for Sustainability frameworks and methodologies for industrial exploitation to redefine a new generation of products.

Training and skills development

  • Read more about Composite Strength and Stiffness

    Composite Strength and Stiffness

    If you need to focus on improving the strength and stiffness elements of your composite designs, this course will give you a knowledge of composite properties and an understanding of how each of the plies effect the global part.

Case studies

  • Read more about Optimising the design of a composite hydrogen pressure vessel

    Optimising the design of a composite hydrogen pressure vessel

    As part of the NCC led Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) and Hydrogen programmes, MultiDisciplinary Optimisation (MDO) has been applied to the design of a Type IV composite hydrogen pressure vessel, exploiting the benefits that digital design technologies can enable.

  • Read more about H1PERBAT - Future proofing battery case design for electric vehicles

    H1PERBAT - Future proofing battery case design for electric vehicles

    To realise the dream of truly high-performance electric vehicles, engineers are working to solve the key challenge – how to increase battery capacity, (and so boost performance or range) while maintaining safety standards, without adding weight. As part of the project, the NCC worked on the design and development of a novel battery casing to be integrated into existing Aston Martin vehicle geometry. 

What our customers say

"Solar Capture's collaboration with the National Composites Centre has been pivotal in guiding us through the journey of innovation, particularly in the material selection and structural design of our solar tiles. The NCC leveraged its industry expertise to identify local material manufacturing partners for Solar Capture to collaborate with, thereby enhancing the resilience of our local supply chain. This ensures that our unique solar product can swiftly offer affordable and more sustainable energy solutions to a wider UK market."

Lewis Caseley, Commercial Director, Solar Capture



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