The Manufacturing group are the core of the NCC's delivery capability. The team of highly skilled technicians through to industrially experienced PhD engineers are responsible for an extensive manufacturing workshop, which takes a product through its full lifecycle - from idea through to end-of-life recycling.

Supporting all the engineering teams, their skills and knowledge also inform upstream processes to ensure that new designs, equipment and production methods are created with manufacturing in mind. This helps to ensure that products are cost effective and manufacturing can be scaled up easily from prototype to serial production.

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Manufacturing support

Experienced engineers with access to the right equipment and knowledge means we can work with customers off-site and on, to develop new techniques and resolve production problems.

Twenty-one highly skilled technicians able to operate any composite manufacturing process at the NCC ranging from manual pre-preg laminating, to delivery with state-of-the-art automated processes.

Composite moulding

A dedicated team is developing new and improved moulding and forming capabilities across pre-preg, dry-fibre and thermoplastic formats.

Our facility and equipment

The NCC operates some of the most advanced equipment used in the composites industry, alongside standard equipment familiar to the industry. The manufacturing team supports capabilities for highly complex architectures with embedded features to large oven cured structures 20m in length and autoclaved parts up to 10m long at 400°C and 14 bar.

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