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Helping you reach net zero emissions and delivering sustainable economies is one of our key priorities. From innovation in clean transportation and energy production, to the sustainable deployment of engineering solutions to deliver a net zero future, sustainability practice is embedded across our engineering services. 

With a dedicated team of sustainability experts, we offer a comprehensive range of services that are focused on maximising the sustainability of your products, processes and business. We can help you to understand the environmental, social and economic impact of your products and processes using methods such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). We can support your carbon reduction strategy in a number of ways; incorporating sustainability into design phases, minimising energy consumption and waste during manufacture, changing to lower embodied energy materials, and developing circular solutions for your products at end-of-life. 

How we can help you

Sustainability data and modelling

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Sustainability data and modelling

Knowing where to start when it comes to sustainability and net zero can be challenging. Our team is on hand to help you navigate the landscape and determine what’s right for your business. We can obtain and model emissions data to show you where the biggest opportunities are for improvement with methods such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Accounting, and Life Cycle Costings (LCC).

Using these models, we can provide recommendations on how to go about tackling hotspots that we can also help deliver using our wider sustainability and engineering services. We recognise that sometimes a detailed, peer reviewed LCA is not always necessary, which is why we’ve developed a ‘Screening’ LCA method to provide you with answers to the required level of accuracy. 

Circular Economy

Waste produced in the manufacture of advanced materials, such as composites, and at end-of-life are particularly challenging due to their inherent nature of being durable, and a mix of different materials.

We have been leading advanced materials innovations for a circular economy for over five years, working with academia and industry technology owners, across diverse sectors and applications. The knowledge, relationships and data that we have accumulated, along with our sustainability and cost modelling capability, enables us to develop economically and environmentally viable solutions, support supply chain development, and utlilise recovered materials in second life applications. 

Combining our deep sustainability expertise with material science, manufacturing, and design capabilities, we can help with assurance of recovered materials and waste reduction during manufacture.

Sustainable materials and design

Whilst our sustainability experts can help you overcome existing sustainability challenges, it’s more effective to incorporate sustainability into the design phases to mitigate them. Our sustainability and design engineers focus on the materials and processes, assembly methods, and supply chains to ease end-of-life challenges and minimise through-life impact. 

We have expertise in designing with, and the application of, lower embodied energy materials. Leveraging our in-house sustainable materials database, manufacturing expertise, and a strong materials supply chain network, we ensure your products are exploiting the latest developments in renewable feedstock materials, and chemistry technologies, to aid circularity. 

Sustainability Transformation Service​

Whether you're a business striving for Net Zero, seeking to reduce your product's environmental footprint for market competitiveness, or looking to minimise your energy usage, our Sustainability Transformation Service merges sustainability expertise with leading engineering capabilities to support your sustainability goals.



Introduction to Sustainability in Composites

Sustainability is a global priority with a huge drive for change. Today, composites already support the drive to a carbon neutral future, but there is more that we need to do. This course provides an introduction to how businesses can start thinking differently about their operation, products and production processes in order to meet new legislation and support the drive for change.

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