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Through our verification capabilities and expertise, we assess quality and performance across all stages of product and process development. Our breadth of technologies and specialist engineers develop inspection processes that are fit for purpose and work alongside our network of equipment providers to advance technologies.

From level 3 non-destructive testing (NDT) practitioners with access to the latest NDT technologies, to polymer thermal behaviour characterisation, and mechanical and environmental performance testing, we can support your verification needs. 

How we can help you

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    Inspection development and quality assurance

    A team consisting of level 2 and 3 NDT practitioners and metrologists, with access to a large range of technologies can develop fit for purpose inspection processes, help de-risk technology investment, and develop novel technologies.

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    Materials science

    Combining materials science expertise with a comprehensive materials laboratory capability that address chemistry challenges in the manufacture of advanced materials to maximise the processing and end property performance of materials.

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    Materials and environmental testing

    Utilising a range of environmental and performance testing capabilities to help design test programmes, develop bespoke tests, and deliver test pyramids that meet application and sector needs. 


Introduction to Measurement and Inspection

As an engineer who is currently responsible for measuring and inspecting metallics, and are now moving into the world of composites, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to ensure that you understand the different challenges composites present and the techniques they require.

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