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Inspection and Quality Assurance


We offer a world class inspection capability for advanced materials. Through our certified level 3 non-destructive testing (NDT) practitioners, we provide access to a comprehensive range of industrial scale NDT and Metrology capability, to assure part quality to specifications. With a wealth of expertise as industry’s partner of choice, we develop inspection methods, undertake the inspection of parts to industry standards, and support the development of new to market technologies with equipment providers.  

Some of the widely used methods we offer expertise include, but not limited to: Ultrasonic (phased-array and conventional), Thermography, Laser Shearography, X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT), Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Portable Measuring Arms, Laser Tracker and more. Leveraging strong relationships with equipment providers, we are able to access the latest products and technologies on the market. 

How we can help you

Develop inspection methods

We offer access to expertise and technology to develop manual and automated inspection methods that are right for your products and processes. Our experts use the latest industry approaches to deliver balanced solutions across rate, cost and technical performance. 

Utilising our state-of-the-art automated verification cell, we can take your inspection processes one step further, to support ever increasing rate and quality demands. 

We can help to de-risk investment and supply chain development through process development and industrial scale demonstration on our equipment. 

Inspection of parts

Having industrial scale equipment means we can inspect parts to recognised standards to determine part quality against specifications, that provides confidence in the products and processes you develop.

Beyond assessing part quality, we can troubleshoot the root cause of defects using a combination of inspection, testing and manufacturing knowledge, that support process improvements. 

In addition to the assessment of parts post-manufacture, we have expertise in deploying in-process monitoring solutions during manufacture to correlate with end part quality, and to allow adaptive manufacturing to mitigate potential issues. 

Technology development

We support equipment providers and technology start-ups in developing new technologies to market. 

Our extensive capability and understanding of sectors and applications allow us to provide the right incubation conditions for demonstrating your technology to industry, leveraged through our partnership networks.

Combining our wide industry reach and academic-technology pull-through programmes, we provide a pathway for the industrialisation of early-stage research technologies developed by universities, helping to demonstrate impact.


Introduction to Measurement and Inspection

As an engineer who is currently responsible for measuring and inspecting metallics, and are now moving into the world of composites, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to ensure that you understand the different challenges composites present and the techniques they require.

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