About the Sustainable Composites partnership

Sustainable Composites is the national hub promoting and delivering the sustainable use of composite materials. Our aim is to accelerate the development of net zero impact composites, processes and technologies, bringing together the UK’s composites expertise to quickly turn research breakthroughs into industrial applications. 

Led by the NCC and the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) – two of the seven High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres – Sustainable Composites brings   together our unique expertise: from formulation, development and scaling up of the materials manufacturing processes (CPI) to knowing how to design with these materials, how they must perform in use, and understanding the challenges associated with end-of-life (NCC). Working with industrial, academic and government partners, we will build a supply chain from raw material suppliers to end-of-life recycling with the ability to deliver the next generation of sustainable composites by 2040.

We have a choice: to continue to use existing material systems that rely on fossil fuels, which are energy intensive to make and require incineration or are discarded in landfill at end-of-life, or to develop future systems through collaboration and partnership across the whole composites supply chain.

The UK is already leading innovation and commercial success in sustainability in the composites industry – a strong foundation for taking the lead on this at a global level. For example, the NCC has developed a revolutionary new technology with Oxford Brookes University, which separates (or disbonds) composite structures quickly and cheaply using a simple heat source. CPI worked with Fibreright to develop a novel method to generate sustainable added value products from municipal solid waste. Pioneering British firm, ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd, is also the world’s first commercial recycler of carbon fibre composites. Find out more about other examples of innovations in sustainability that we have been involved with.

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We want companies that share our goal to join us in creating a global community committed to delivering Sustainable Composites and to work with us on small and large-scale technology programmes that will deliver real change.

Get involved in the Sustainable Composites partnership and tell us about the barriers facing your organisation and industry. This will help us to shape our work and influence funding opportunities.

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