Sustainability Transformation Service

Whether you're a business striving for Net Zero, seeking to reduce your product's environmental footprint for market competitiveness, or looking to minimise your energy usage, our Sustainability Transformation Service merges sustainability expertise with leading engineering capabilities to support your sustainability goals.

Discover the journey our Sustainability Transformation Service will guide you through. You have the flexibility to choose individual services, or opt for the entire process. Expand the cards below for an overview of what to expect.

Goal Setting

Optimising your sustainability journey and ensuring the best possible outcome from our collaboration is our main priority. Within this phase we will:

  • Assess your current sustainability maturity.
  • Capture and align with relevant legislation for current and future targets.
  • Develop tailored strategies, connecting sustainability with other business areas such as sales and marketing.
  • Collaborate with you to set goals that guide subsequent phases.

Data Collection

Accurate data collection is essential to accurate modelling and informed decision-making. To achieve this we use a combination of methods from gathering real data using energy monitors and sensors, to making use of databases and literature.

If you're an SME seeking to exclusively analyse energy consumption and equipment-related costs, consider exploring our MET service for a tailored solution.


Sustainability Modelling

Using primary and secondary data, our expert team of Sustainability engineers can use Carbon Accounting to assess the impact of your business. Alternatively, we can generate tailored Life Cycle Assessments for products and processes, adjusting the level of detail to match your specific requirements. The outcome is a precise quantification of the environmental impact.

Utilising the data we will have captured for the environmental modelling, we can also produce cost models using methods such as techno-economic analysis (TEA).

​Analysis and Recommendations

We go beyond merely providing a value, we thoroughly analyse the models to pinpoint the significant contributors to the environmental impact of your product, process, or business.

Drawing upon our extensive business and engineering expertise, we then offer recommendations for interventions aimed at minimising environmental impact.

Road Mapping

In this phase, we integrate the models and recommendations, utilising our road mapping and project scoping expertise to create a path toward realising your company's goals established in the initial phase. This path aligns with key drivers, such as legislation.

Your bespoke roadmap(s) may include:

  • Timely scheduling of recommended interventions in alignment with your sustainability objectives.
  • A strategy to reach Carbon Budget goals, achieve Net Zero Emissions, and enhance resource efficiency, including Net Zero waste.
  • A selection of projects essential for attaining your sustainability goals.

Delivery of Interventions

After identifying the necessary actions, we provide access to NCC's comprehensive engineering and business services to implement solutions.

Whether exploring the use of low embodied energy materials, reducing energy usage of your processes, creating sustainable supply chains, or implementing circular product solutions, we have the capabilities to deliver your sustainability ambitions.

Upon receipt of your enquiry one of our technical team will be in touch for a free consultation to understand your ambitions and requirements to determine which transformation services are appropriate to utilise.

Climate change and resultant Net Zero targets are driving everyone to think and act more sustainably, but where should you start?

Legislation is complex to navigate, there’s numerous methodologies to evaluate, and it’s difficult to know where the biggest impacts can be made. Our experts will help you navigate this intricate landscape and develop bespoke roadmaps to align with Net Zero targets, meeting legislative requirements, and your own company goals. Whether it’s a small or large step into sustainability you’re looking to take, we help you understand what’s right for your company.

Our sustainability engineers specialise in carbon accounting and life cycle methodologies, that they can implement at a product, process, or business level to effectively measure, plan, and identify suitable interventions for reducing your environmental impact.

Coupling sustainability with our breadth of engineering expertise means we can implement sustainable solutions whilst balancing with performance, quality, and cost requirements.

Training information

Throughout your journey with us using the Sustainability Transformation Service you will learn the importance and complexity of sustainability within your industry. If you are interested in expanding your company’s sustainability knowledge further, then please take a look at our Training Courses.

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