Ovens and Autoclaves


The NCC operates various ovens, from small lab ovens to large ovens capable of curing the wing of a commercial aircraft. Parts can be bagged under vacuum if required, run under a cure cycle and have thermal data collected from thermocouples on the tool and part.


  • Uniform heating for consistent curing
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Scalability from trial coupons to large parts.


The NCC operates three autoclaves. Bagged parts up to 10 x 2.9 metres can be cured and consolidated under vacuum. The autoclave applies high pressure at temperature over a defined cure cycle.

For thermosets, the resin is cured in a controlled setting. Thermoplastic application can go up to 405°C to enable the resin to melt, allowing for bonding and consolidation.


  • High quality and consistency on complex geometries
  • Precise control of cure parameters
  • Optimises for void-free and fully consolidated parts

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