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The National Composites Centre is a research technology organisation which is owned by the University of Bristol. We have a particularly strong partnership with the Bristol Composites Institute (BCI) and we are one of the seven innovation centres that make up the High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The NCC works proactively with universities across the UK and overseas in a number of ways to pull through fundamental research to industrial applications. We are also proud to be a major partner in globally significant R&D programmes, creating and anchoring jobs in all regions of the UK.

Technology Pull-Through Programme

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Technology Pull-Through Programme

The NCC's Technology Pull-Through Programme (TPT) is designed to promote research that will enable the transition of suitably mature technologies from academia to industry. Each year we fund a number of key projects, working in partnership with universities in their delivery. 

CIMCOMP Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub

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CIMCOMP Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub

CIMCOMP is an EPSRC-funded group that brings together academics from across the UK to deliver a step- change in the design and manufacture of composites. The Hub is led by the University of Nottingham and the University of Bristol and includes a number of other universities. 

Collaborative R&D

We're happy to partner with universities to bid for funding to deliver exciting new innovation projects. We have a number of ongoing projects in partnership with universities around the world. If you would like to discuss opportunities, please contact us. 

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