Smart Factory Innovation Hub Test Bed

Part of the Made Smarter Smart Factory Innovation Hub offering delivered by HVM Catapult, the NCC Smart Factory Innovation Hub Test Bed provides access to a virtual and physical test bed environment that concentrates on the Automated Preforming Cell (APC), a state-of-the-art facility for automation of the preforming process of composite component manufacture. 

Targeted towards manufacturers, technology organisations, SME’s and academia, organisations can use existing cell hardware and/or provide their own technology which can be integrated and tested through industry use cases. Virtual access to the test bed allows the digital investigation of how manufacturing technology can help to de-risk transformation projects and achieve efficiencies in product, process and technology development. It can also be used as a DevOps space for analytics, coding and modelling, etc. and can include some hardware aspects.

Access to the UK’s world leading research & development centre

As the UK’s world leading research and development centre focusing on Composites, Digital Engineering and Sustainability, the NCC brings together the best minds and technologies to help solve the world’s most complex engineering challenges. Investment of over £250m in ten new digital capabilities for advanced automated composites manufacturing will revolutionise the way the UK will design, engineer and manufacture.

Explore efficiencies in product & technology development

Targeted towards technology organisations focused on product, process and technology development, the physical and virtual test bed environment can be used to explore technologies and determine efficiencies; reduced risk, increased innovation opportunities, lower product development costs, and accelerated time to market.

Investigate & de-risk transformation projects

The NCC Smart Factory Innovation Hub Test Bed provides a secure, state-of-the-art industry environment for manufacturers, technology providers and SMEs, to explore and digitally investigate how to de-risk transformation projects. As a physically accessed test bed, organisations can provide technology and hardware which can be integrated into the test bed and tested through industry use cases.

If you are interested in accessing one of our 5G, DETI or Smart Factory industrial test beds, contact us by email: [email protected] 


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