We know that ‘innovation is a journey’, that’s why we’ve designed a membership package that is flexible and able to meet the needs of your business, enabling you to access the right technology and expertise at the NCC.

Our members are from a wide range of industry sectors and the global composites supply chain including materials, software and equipment suppliers, designers and service providers. Membership enables you to connect with this network and find new opportunities.

We want to build long-term collaborative R&D partnerships with companies of all sizes helping you to develop, adapt and scale-up new and existing processes, but if membership is not an option for you right now, the NCC is an open access centre, and we are happy to discuss a pay-as-you-go basis.

Tier 1 Membership

Tier 1 Members commit to a three year partnership with the NCC.  This commitment enables the company to access the technology and expertise they need to support what we call “Member Directed” projects. They also partner in a collaborative R&D project with at least one other Tier 1 Member.

  • All the benefits of Tier 2 and Associate Membership plus:
    • Representative on the NCC Steering Board

Tier 2 Membership

Tier 2 Members commit to a minimum 1 year partnership with the NCC.  This commitment enables the company to access the technology and expertise they need to support what we call “Member Directed” projects. They are also able to join the core programme and Tier 2 Members are encouraged to conduct collaborative projects with other members.

  • All the benefits of Associate Membership plus
    • Directed research to value of membership
    • Right to negotiate IP license from core programme
    • Training on NCC equipment for member staff

Associate Membership

Associate Members provide goods/services/parts/software/consultancy etc as a benefit in kind.  These memberships are arranged on a bespoke basis and we are happy to discuss this in more detail with companies interested in this partnership.


  • Access to NCC facilities for private venture work
  • Access to the NCC network including leading OEMs, material and equipment suppliers
  • Demonstrating and proving equipment/materials/software/hardware to members
  • Access to NCC hosted events
  • IP exploitation support

Next Steps

We would like to invite you to the NCC to understand your challenges.  If we find there are  clear synergies, we will work with you to host a technical workshop to identify candidate projects which normally leads to a feasibility study.  Subsequent steps could then include design studies and ultimately sub-scale or full-scale manufacture of demonstrator components.

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