Meet our apprentice, Thomas

What brought you to the NCC?

I joined the apprenticeship programme because I was interested in composites and liked the idea of hands-on experience.


What are the top three things you enjoy about your job?

The workload, the type of work done and my colleagues.

I have worked mostly in the cleanroom doing prepreg layup of parts – that’s the moulding process for composite materials, where layers of resin and other reinforcement materials are overlayed in a precise position by hand. Another project includes demoulding for the Wing of Tomorrow programme, which aims to explore a radical new approach to the design of aircraft wings.

I am also working on includes a RC car project where we aim to make a fully functional remote-controlled car with composites. This includes making the chassis and car cover using different manufacturing techniques such resin fusion and more prepreg lamination.


What are your next career steps?

I look forward to completing this apprenticeship and completing my HNC (Higher National Certificate).


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