Equality, diversity and inclusion

The NCC is working to solve some of the world’s biggest engineering challenges.

To enable us to succeed, we want to foster a diverse innovation environment, where everyone is respected, valued, and recognised for their unique contribution.

We’ve made good progress towards narrowing the gender pay gap over the last year, and will soon be launching our Gender Equality plan, as part of our commitment to create a diverse and inclusive organisation.

We are also proud signatories of the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter, where we work with other companies striving to achieve gender balance across all levels in the aerospace industry.

Inclusivity in Innovation Charter

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Inclusivity in Innovation Charter

We’re proud to have signed the Catapult Network’s Inclusivity in Innovation Charter, recognising that equality, diversity and inclusion leads to better decisions, better innovation and makes our working life more rewarding and more productive.

Employee wellbeing

Each year we take part in a variety of wellbeing celebrations and awareness campaigns. We also host a number of talks for employees covering topics such as neurodiversity, mental health awareness, wellbeing and disability support and awareness.

Affinity Groups

We’re passionate about developing an inclusive culture, where everyone can be their true selves. Our Affinity Groups - led by NCC colleagues - have been established to help people with common identities come together in a supportive, safe space to share lived experiences and gain peer support to help raise awareness of issues for their community and how they can be better supported in the workplace.

PRIDE+ Allies - for those with lived experience of the LGBTQ+ community, and those allies wishing to support and champion change. 

Embrace - a network for Minority Ethnic Heritage, Nationalities and Religions, and those wishing to support and champion change. 

Women's Led Network – a network open to all genders, focusing on experiences faced by Women in Industry.

Neurodiversity in the NCC – a network for Neurodiverse colleagues, and those allies wishing to support and champion change.

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