Hear from our Embrace Affinity Group members as we celebrate National Inclusion Week

Embrace is a dedicated network at the National Composites Centre for Minority Ethnic Heritage, Nationalities and Religions, and those allies wishing to support and champion change. In celebration of National Inclusion Week 2023, we learn more about members who are trying to reach effective, positive and sustainable impact through inclusion action for all those we work with and for ourselves. Stay tuned for more!

Meet Kalyan Hazra

Head of Technology Business Development, and Chair of Embrace

"Inclusion is being respectful to other beings and the environment around you. To achieve this, I actively remind myself to listen, learn and to put these lessons into practice."


Meet Jazmin Agreda

Advanced Technology Project Lead, Member

"Inclusion is about making people feel welcome, heard and valued regardless of their differences, without bias. I try to foster a fair environment that enables everyone the opportunity to feel listened to, and avoid assumptions."


Meet Shraddha Singh

Advanced Research Engineer, Member

"Inclusion is feeling that you’re listened to, and valued regardless of our differences. It’s more than being part of a team - it’s feeling like you belong and make a worthy contribution. Simple steps include being an active listener and celebrating our achievements."


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