Blades Global 2021

Wednesday, 10 - Thursday, 11 Mar 2021


Blades Global 2021 is a platform for owner-operators, developers and blade experts to meet, collaborate, exchange ideas and improve their blade operations and management strategy. 

Taking place online, this event will provide owner-operators and the blades supply chain with business critical insights on not only the technical innovations, but also the strategic developments within the blade operations and maintenance industry. 

Meet the NCC

Our Research Engineer Jonathan Fuller is presenting on Day 1 of the event, 10 March at 15:40, on the following: 

Preserving value: What strategies and new materials will facilitate the supply chain for recycling blades and lead to a sustainable future for blade design and manufacture?

  • How are the composites industry embedding circularity at the heart of future turbines?
  • How can the industry use more sustainable materials in the manufacturing process of blades?
  • What are the latest processes and most innovative processes based on circular economy principles?

Jonathan is also speaking as part of a discussion panel on 11 March at 16:30, on the following:

Addressing the pictures of landfills: What are the opportunities for blade recycling and reusability? 

  • What options is the industry exploring for the reusability or recycling of current wind turbine blades?
  • How might OEMs achieve the production of ‘zero waste’ wind turbines? 
  • Should this be a commercial opportunity for the OEMs or should this be a standard with every turbine irrelevant of cost?

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