CW Trending: Composites Opportunities in a Growing Infrastructure Market

Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021

Dr Gareth Williams, Strategy Director at the NCC, will be presenting as part of this episode of CW Trending, taking a look at the opportunities for expanded use of composites in infrastructure applications.

With the promise of increased investment in infrastructure coming from the U.S. government, civil engineers will be facing myriad challenges when it comes to material use in bridges, utility systems, waterways, and much more. We'll discuss where the opportunities are for composites, the hurdles, the advantages composites convey, and how those advantages can be leveraged into real applications.


  • Composites advantages in infrastructure
  • Barriers to entry for composites in infrastructure
  • The lifecycle benefits of composites
  • Updating civil engineering codes for composites
  • Strategies for expanding composites use in infrastructure

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