Decarbonisation in industry: The road to sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Thursday, 24 Jun 2021


Industry is currently producing 21% of global greenhouse emissions and therefore it is critical this is addressed in the UK to meet the net zero carbon target in 2050. Engineers are becoming much more aware of the importance of implementing low energy manufacturing processes however the challenge remains how to adapt processes whilst remaining competitive.

This Institution of Mechanical Engineers event will focus on the steps towards a more sustainable and competitive organisation including energy demand analysis and adapting processes to reduce energy use and increase efficiency.

Attendees will hear case studies from across engineering sectors including food and drink, cast stone, steel, automotive, aerospace and composite manufacturing. Expert speakers will cover developments to reduce energy consumption through recovering heat and waste for reuse, and redesigning factories and plants. Best practice in ensuring recyclability of products by incorporating the circular economy right from design through to end of life will also be shared.

Gain insight into reducing energy demand in the most energy-intensive industries: cast stone and steel as well as considering alternative green energy supplies, such as hydrogen. Expert-led virtual break-out rooms will allow you to join the discussion and network with your peers.

Plus, understand the policies needed to push forward industrial decarbonisation and current progress toward this direct from the Climate Change Committee.

Meet the NCC

Our Advanced Research Engineer for Sustainable Technologies and LCA specialist, Sophie Parsons, is presenting at 14:25 on why collecting environmental data is important and the value from quantifying environmental impact. She will also talk about the pivotal role that data plays in our shift towards a low carbon manufacturing sector and sustainable design. 

  • Advanced Propulsion Centre, Coventry
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