DETI Unpacking the building blocks to digitalisation

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2022


In this online event with The Engineer, we will unpack the building blocks of digitalisation in the industrial environment and reflect on Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation’s (DETI) deliverables across three core areas, sharing our collective learnings, testing and proving emerging digital technologies.

With digitisations promise of faster production cycles, reduced waste and decreasing costs, for many businesses the scale of transition required can seem overwhelming. That’s why DETI has defined the building blocks of change - the capabilities that will enable every industry to push ahead and fast; Process Innovation & Productivity, Sustainability, and Digital Skills.

We invite you to join us for ‘Unpacking the building blocks for digitalisation’ on 12th October 2022, at 12 - 1pm.

  • Process Innovation & Productivity –  the systems, processes, proof-of-concepts/test beds that will help organisations to exploit value from data, explore and test technologies to accelerate innovation – Marc Funnell - Head of Digital, NCC, and James Gopsill - Research Fellow, CFMS & the University of Bristol
  • Sustainability – developing sustainable processes and products to calculate and reduce carbon emissions - David Pugh - Head of Sustainability, Digital Catapult
  • Digital Skills – reskilling and upskilling of the workforce needed by organisations to digitally  transform ­– Claire Arbery - Director, West of England Institute of Technology


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