Industrial 5G Uncovered - Spotlight on Innovators

Tuesday, 19 Oct 2021


Join Digital Catapult's webinar series on industrial 5G innovation, showcasing real-world examples of 5G applications in the UK, in which the NCC and partners including 5G-Encode will be participating in. 

Digital Catapult is a 5G technical and innovation centre of excellence, and is working closely with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to drive industrial 5G adoption in the UK, to launch a series of industry events to showcase real examples of 5G applications, and maximise learnings for organisations in the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

The first online webinar of a four-part series will focus on open innovation in 5G, shining a spotlight on innovative solutions and approaches enabled by startups and scaleups who have joined the Industrial 5G Testbeds and Trials programme, as well as those taking part in other government funded 5G initiatives and accelerators such as 5PRING. It will also highlight challenges and lessons learnt from innovators who are collaborating with industry, offering an overview of the benefits and best practice within open innovation, as well as future opportunities for innovation in smart cities, construction, manufacturing and logistics.

The event will host a panel of industry experts including leading global infrastructure operator Ferrovial, which is exploring 5G-enabled technologies to create a safe, dynamic and efficient construction industry. This webinar will serve as a means of exploring different opportunities in which businesses of all sizes can work together to accelerate the adoption of 5G through open innovation and sustained relationships.

Why attend

  • Learn about new exciting industrial 5G use cases and innovative solutions developed by small and medium sized businesses
  • Gain insight into how you can unlock 5G enabled innovation by collaborating with startups and scaleups
  • Get inspired by industry experts leading the way in 5G adoption
  • Find out more about open innovation best practice
  • Discover funding opportunities from the Horizon Europe programme

Who should attend

This event is designed for industry sector managers, executives and team members who are considering digital solutions and open innovation to help optimise and develop their business. It is also a great opportunity for technology innovators who want to learn more about 5G capabilities to build new solutions or expand current value propositions. Finally, the investment community wishing to find out more about ground breaking solutions exploiting new 5G capabilities can also benefit from attending this event.

About the programme

Digital Catapult is a delivery partner for the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s 5G Testbeds and Trials programme and is helping to drive innovative new use cases of 5G in UK industry sectors by coordinating eight projects including 5G Encode, 5GEM, 5G Factory of the Future, 5G CAL, 5G Logistics, 5G Ports, AMC2 and >Smart Junctions.

The programme sets out to demonstrate the value of 5G beyond enhanced mobile broadband by targeting industry focused use cases in manufacturing and logistics to:

  • Explore the potential for efficiency and productivity benefits
  • Help make the UK a global leader in the adoption and application of 5G technology
  • Help the UK lead the development of the implementation and standards around 5G


10.00 - Welcome and introduction

  • Linda Ligios, Senior Innovation Partner - Digital Catapult 

10:05 - Accelerating Digital Transformation

  • Mohammad Lari, Cross-Government and International Coordination Lead - DCMS

10:10 - Spotlight on innovators

AI-controlled Smart Junctions to optimise the road network

  • Peter Mildon, COO & Co-founder - Vivacity Labs (Smart Junctions)

Network slicing and splicing for Industry 4.0

  • Vassilis Seferidis, CEO & Founder - Zeetta Networks (5G Encode)

Industrial 5G Core solutions

  • Jeff Land, Head of Sales and Business Development - AttoCore (AMC2)

AI, 5G and Autonomy: making smart logistics a reality

  • Nicholas Zylberglajt, CEO & Founder - Unmanned Life (5G Logistics)

Towards an autonomous road maintenance system

  • Lisa Layzell, CEO & Co-founder - Robotiz3D (5prinG Construction)

Exploring 5G for reliable connectivity in hard-to-reach environments

  • Tommy Williams, CEO & Founder - Plinx (5prinG Construction)

11:20 - Break

11:30 - Panel discussion: How can industry work with innovators to accelerate 5G adoption?

  • Chair: Katy Ho, Head of Innovation - Digital Catapult
  • Adrian Talbot, Head of Centre of Excellence for Mobility - Ferrovial
  • Colin Evison, Head of Innovation - BAM Nuttall
  • Sam Li, Senior Innovation Officer - Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Peter Mildon, COO & Co-founder - Vivacity Labs
  • Tommy Williams, CEO & Founder - Plinx

12:10 - Introduction to Horizon Europe and 5G funding opportunities

  • Craig Sharp, Horizon Europe National Contact Point - Innovate UK
  • Viola Hay, Knowledge Transfer Manager European Programmes - KTN

12:25 - Closing notes

  • Linda Ligios, Senior Innovation Partner - Digital Catapult

12:30 - Event ends


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