Modelling & Simulation to Support the Hydrogen Economy - NAFEMS

Tuesday, 06 Dec 2022


Amit Visrolia, Chief Engineer for Digital & DETI at the NCC, will be presenting, "Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Approaches to the Challenges of Hydrogen Systems" at the NAFEMS event: 'Modelling & Simulation to support the hydrogen economy', taking place 6th December in London.

Modelling & simulation is increasingly used as a key enabler to the effective development and delivery of hydrogen-ready material/system solutions. Leveraging the widespread availability of high-performance computing resources and emerging data-driven tools, predictive models have reached a high maturity level covering the full product lifecycle - from early design stages and material selection, through digital optimisation of the manufacturing process, to digital certification and testing and, ultimately, simulating the product performance in hydrogen service and managing its integrity in real operations.

This NAFEMS seminar aims to bring together modelling & simulation experts from academia, industry, and research & technology organisations (RTOs) to share know-how and best practices on modelling the effects of hydrogen on the structural properties and behaviour of materials and demonstrate the value of numerical modelling on practical use cases. This is a unique opportunity for experts from different sectors (e.g., metals vs. composites) to come together and discuss their industry-specific challenges and discover possible technology transfer opportunities.

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