Sustainable Wind Turbine Blades: New Materials, Recycling and Future Perspectives

Monday, 21 - Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022



Dr. Jonathan Fuller, Principal Research Engineer, and James Lightfoot, Advanced Technology Programmes Manager, at the National Composites Centre, will be presenting at the International Conference on Sustainable Wind Turbine Blades: New Materials, Recycling and Future Perspectives, in Roskilde, Denmark, organised by DTU Wind and Energy Systems.



Sustainability of wind turbine blades, from the selection of materials, to the manufacturing of blades
and until the end of life and recycling phase has become a major topic of discussion in the recent
years. New development in the field of material sciences, recycling technologies and in the analysis
of recycling value chain is shaping future perspectives. This conferences offers lectures, round tables
and sessions on a range of topics dedicated to the sustainability of wind turbine blades.

Symposium topic include:

  • New blade materials // bio-composites, recyclable thermosets, bio-based resins, bio-based carbon
  • Recycling technologies // Reuse, repurpose, pyrolysis, solvolysis
  • Recycling value chain // Estimating and mapping wind turbine blade waste, circular economy, life
    cycle assessment of recycling processes
  • Future perspective // Design for recycling, recycling of recyclable wind turbine blades, and more...


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