SWBC AI Conference

Friday, 16 Feb 2024

University of Exeter Great Hall

South West Business Council will be hosting 'Harnessing the Power of AI' at the University of Exeter's Great Hall on February 16th, 2024.

The programme aims to dive into the dynamic landscape of AI, showcasing how the South West effectively addresses challenges and seizes opportunities in this rapidly evolving business environment.

Participants are expected to gain crucial insights from keynote speaker Matt Rodda, Shadow Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, along with a lineup of speakers and panellists tackling the following topics:

  • The strategic importance of AI for society.
  • How we make best use of technologies such as AI and Machine Learning – especially in terms of how they might improve productivity.
  • What is the role of government in terms of policy-setting frameworks to ensure that AI is a force for good both from a societal and business perspective?
  • Practical AI research and deployments that can enrich our lives in, for instance, the health sector.
  • Where AI could be a threat and how we mitigate against that threat.

The event will be attended by Katy Riddington, Director of New Ventures and Marc Funnell, Head of Digitalisation. They will be available throughout the conference to discuss your business challenges and share the National Composites Centre's capability and services in digital engineering and AI. 

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