Technology Day 1: Composites Survivability

Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence: 2022 Technology Days

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2022

NCC, Bristol

The National Composites Centre is facilitating a series of Technology Days as part of the Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence. Each event will focus on a priority technology theme that has been identified and selected from a consultation with industry and the Ministry of Defence.

Each Technology Day will provide a collaborative discussion space between the Forum Steering Board, the UK industrial supply chain and academic communities that is focused around one of the priority technology themes. 


Technology Day 1: Composites Survivability

Date: Tuesday 22nd March 2022

The first Technology Day will focus on composites survivability. We are inviting interest on the following topics:

  • Shock load on composite in defence
  • Impact resistance in defence
  • Ballistic resistance in defence
  • Blast resistance in defence
  • Impact/ballistic modelling for composites
  • Testing for impact and ballistic on composite
  • New materials and manufacturing technology for impact/ballistic/blast protection

If you are interested in attending the Composites Surviviability technology day, please complete the form and submit a short abstract of no more than 500 words outlining any core capability, novel emerging technology or research ambition centred around the Technology Day. The Forum is particularly interested to hear from SMEs, industry and academic communities which are pushing the state of the art and offering new options for future competitive technology.

Following a review of the submitted abstracts, we are looking to invite a number of participants to give a short presentation on the day and to engage in the collaborative workshop and discussions. If selected, we will contact you shortly with a link to book your place. Participation is free but spaces are limited and will need to be booked.

The closing date to register your interest in the Composites Survivability Technology Day is Monday 28th February 2022.


  • National Composites Centre
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