Technology Day 1: Composites Survivability

Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence: 2022 Technology Days

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2022

NCC, Bristol

The National Composites Centre is facilitating a series of Technology Days as part of the Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence. Each event will focus on a priority technology theme that has been identified and selected from a consultation with industry and the Ministry of Defence.

Each Technology Day will provide a collaborative discussion space between the Forum Steering Board, the UK industrial supply chain and academic communities that is focused around one of the priority technology themes. 


Technology Day 1: Composites Survivability

Date: Tuesday 22nd March 2022

The first Technology Day will focus on composites survivability. We are inviting interest on the following topics:

  • Shock load on composite in defence
  • Impact resistance in defence
  • Ballistic resistance in defence
  • Blast resistance in defence
  • Impact/ballistic modelling for composites
  • Testing for impact and ballistic on composite
  • New materials and manufacturing technology for impact/ballistic/blast protection

** The window for Expressions of Interest has now closed **

We are currently reviewing all submitted abstracts. If you have submitted an abstract, we will be in touch with you shortly. 


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