Technology Day 4: Composites for a Sustainable Future in Defence

Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence: 2023 Technology Days

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2023

Bristol (and online)

The National Composites Centre is facilitating a series of Technology Days as part of the Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence. Each event will focus on a priority technology theme that has been identified and selected from a consultation with industry and the Ministry of Defence.

Each Technology Day will provide a collaborative discussion space between the Forum Steering Board, the UK industrial supply chain and academic communities that is focused around one of the priority technology themes. 


Technology Day 4: Composites for a Sustainable Future in Defence

* Expressions of Interest now closed *

Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2022
Venue: National Composites Centre, Bristol (and online)

The next Composites Technology Forum for UK Defence event will focus on the development of sustainable  composite materials and technologies for the defence industry, covering the following topics: 

  • end-of-life recycling technology for composite materials that are specifically used in the defence sector
  • lifecycle assessment approaches for composites in defence assets
  • design for sustainability in defence
  • composites technology that specifically enables alternative energy sources for defence applications, such as electrification and hydrogen power
  • sustainable or bio-derived composite materials technology for defence applications
  • technologies to enable the re-life or sustainable repair of composites in defence assets
  • composite manufacturing technologies for defence applications with demonstrable reduction in energy usage (ie using less heat/electricity/fossil fuels). 

We are now reviewing submitted abstracts and will be inviting a number of participants to give a short presentation on the day and to engage in the collaborative workshop and discussions. If selected, we will contact you shortly with a link to book your place. Participation is free but spaces are limited and will need to be booked.


  • National Composites Centre, Bristol
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