Technology Day 7 - Smart Materials for Defence Applications

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2024

National Composites Centre, Bristol

Materials science is fundamental to the future of UK Defence. Composites can be enhanced during manufacturing or through post-processing of engineering components, enabling structural materials to go beyond their primary functions and boost the performance of a Defence assets. 

Our next Technology Day will bring together the UK Defence community to explore the topic of 'Smart Materials for Defence Applications.' We aim to uncover the potential of functionalising composites and the development of hybrid materials to drive significant advancements in operational effectiveness. 

We're keen to learn about your innovations within the following scope: 

  • Smart materials technology 
  • Nanomaterials technology 
  • Metamaterials technology 
  • Functional coatings for composites (polymer and ceramic) 
  • Electro-Magnetic (EM) shielding 
  • Protection from directed energy 
  • Low-cost manufacturing processes for novel and functional materials 
  • Novel composite reinforcement, metallised filaments, and complex hybrid weaving  
  • UK sovereign materials science and technology for Defence

Academics, supply chain specialists, and industry experts, this is your chance to shine. Selected participants will have the opportunity to present their work during the event. Participation is free, but booking is essential. If your abstract is chosen, we'll provide you with a link to secure your spot. 

The deadline for abstract submissions is: Friday 19th January 


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