Visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture Online CPD Course

Tuesday, 07 - Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022


In line with fulfilling the needs of Digital Skills requirement in the Engineering sector, UWE-DETI Skills with its partner companies including NCC, are holding a free, virtual/online skills and training CPD course to help manufacturing companies and workers visualise the possibilities of the future with digital tools and skills alongside career pathways required. Thus, creating pathways for training and education to enable digital skills application in the manufacturing sector.

Bringing these future jobs to life can help business leaders, workers, educators, and policymakers shape their vision and inspire conversations around the changes needed to adopt digital technology.

This course supports the learning and the development of skills to breach the huge skills and employment gap in the UK for current and future Engineers of the workforce through DETI delivery programmes.

The digital skills enable quick adoption of digital technology to deliver remote productions and monitoring systems to keep important production lines working effectively. 

The Visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture will introduce Visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture concepts and its applications

Visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture refers to immersive mixed reality technologies, with a key focus on Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR), and their potential beneficial applications within design, manufacture, and general enterprise environments.

Immersive technology adoption within enterprises can revolutionise product design and manufacturing by enabling optimised concept design, simulation/visualisation, collaborative working, and verification/validation. The technologies can also benefit enterprises in areas such as training, in service repair, and remote assistance.

Who is it for?

The skills and training course is open to all applicants provided they are aged 19 or over, are recently unemployed, self-employed, looking to move into a new job role, or coming out of furlough and seeking a pathway to a digital career.

This course is designed for learners with a technology, computer science or engineering background, who are in their early career looking to specialise into digital engineering or those currently working in these sectors looking to develop their existing skills.

Generally, graduates, apprentices, technicians, engineers, operators, and anyone interested in upskilling or reskilling their knowledge in the subject area.

Course Aim

The aim of the course if to provide participatory experience in Virtual Reality and realistic visualisation environments in both intermediate and large-scale display environments to attendees.

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