Wind Europe 2023 - End-of-Life Issues & Strategies

Wednesday, 22 - Thursday, 23 Nov 2023


Jonathan Fuller, Principal Research Engineer at the National Composites Centre, will be presenting at Wind Europe 2023 - End-of-Life Issues & Strategies, taking place 22nd - 23rd November, Rotterdam.

Wind energy will be the cornerstone of the new sustainable European energy system. By 2030, we will need almost 500 GW of wind energy, but a large part of Europe’s turbine fleet will come to the end of its operational life over the next 10-15 years.

Delivering on these ambitions will require our industry to step up. Installation of new wind farms will be required, but we will also need to maximise our existing assets through lifetime extension or repowering.

We will need to secure enough materials and implement forward-looking recovery and recycling strategies.

More wind also means greater responsibility and calls for more sustainability and circularity.

This will enable new business models and boost the competitiveness of the European supply chain.

In 2023, EoLIS will focus on incorporating sustainability into every step of the process to create new opportunities and value.

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