NCC Newsletter Issue 9

02 May 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter.

At the National Composites Centre (NCC), we're dedicated to tackling some of the world's most complex engineering challenges by uniting top talent with cutting-edge technologies. From aerospace to construction, and energy to space, our mission is to drive industrial transformation and foster sustainability across diverse sectors.

In this edition of the newsletter, you can find our latest news, case studies, reports and details of our professional training opportunities available in the coming months.

We were honoured to kick off 2024 by hosting Sir Keir Starmer MP’s New Year speech. In his address, Sir Keir emphasised the importance of being ‘mission-driven,’ a sentiment that deeply resonates with our commitment to leveraging composite technologies, digital engineering, and sustainability leadership to address local, national, and international challenges.

In exciting news, the NCC has recently released its Impact Report, showcasing our significant contributions to the UK over the past five years. Through technical innovations, supply-chain interventions, and workforce initiatives, we've generated £59 million in direct economic output annually, with £40 million benefiting the West of England region.

One of our standout initiatives involves collaborating with Sonichem on the groundbreaking CARMA project. This venture marks a pivotal step towards sustainable alternatives in materials and manufacturing in the automotive industry.

Additionally, our experts attended JEC World in Paris showcasing the industrial transformation that composites can offer through enabling sustainable opportunities towards a net zero future and we hosted an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Engineering and Manufacturing workshop. This event provided an opportunity for delegates from across industry and academia to learn more about the potential of AI in engineering and manufacturing. If you’d like to be involved in unlocking the potential of AI, reach out to our digital experts.

Furthermore, we're proud of our continued work as part of the Hydrogen Skills Alliance (HSA), committed to building a skilled workforce necessary to support the growth and development of the UK hydrogen sector. Ensuring employers can access the talent needed to compete, innovate, and grow as we meet the demands of a changing energy landscape and deliver our net zero ambitions.

We invite you to explore these stories and more as we continue to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and deliver impact. If you’d like to join us over the coming quarter, check out our upcoming events.

To engage or collaborate with us, email: [email protected]


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