Core Research

The NCC’s Core Research Programme pushes the boundaries of UK technology by solving some of the biggest challenges that industry faces in the use of advanced materials.

A cross-sector, collaborative initiative now going into its 11th year, the NCC’s Tier 1 Members drive the technical direction of the Core Research programme, and access research outputs over 15 times the value of their contribution through the collaborative nature of the programme. Tier 2 and Associate Members of the NCC can also access Core’s leading-edge research.

Core Research projects 2021/22


  • Composite Cryogenic Tanks
  • Composite Pressure Vessel Hydrogen Permeability


  • Recycling End-of-Life Composites
  • Recycling of Composite Manufacturing Waste
  • Composite Design for Sustainability
  • Recycled Composites Supply Chain


  • Composite Interface and Durability

High Volume

  • Overmoulding of Butt Jointed Aerostructures

High Temperature

  • AFP of Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials
  • Fire Resistant Structural Composites


  • Modular Infusion

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