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International Women's Day at the NCC

08 March 2021

In celebration of International Women's Day, we spoke to some of the amazing women working at the NCC to find out what their favourite things about their role are, who inspires them, and what advice they'd give their younger selves. 

Eva Collado

Engineering Capability Leader - Automated Layup team

"Don’t waste time on being ashamed of your failures, they play a huge role on future successes."



Rachael Woodburn

Head of HR

"If I had one piece of advice to give my younger self it would be that it’s okay for women to speak up, to challenge and to rock the boat."



Leah Rider

Head of SME Delivery and Off-the-Shelf Delivery

"I'm really inspired by Jacinda Ardern. She has demonstrated that it is possible to be an amazingly competent and pragmatic leader whilst demonstrating kindness, compassion and empathy."








Vicky Summers

Principal Research Engineer, Sustainability team

"I really admire Mary Anning, the 19th Century palaeontologist and fossil collector. She was only 12 when she discovered her first Ichthyosaur, along with many other fossils – some of which can still be seen in the Natural History Museum."



Naomi Korolanyi

Director of Business Transformation

"I was inspired by the vision to grow the engineers of the future and today I have the opportunity to shape that vision."


Jools Granville

Marketing and Communications Director 

"I’m uplifted daily by the marvellous women I surround myself with…and, of course, by Dolly Parton – there is no situation I have found that cannot be improved by a bit of advice from the Dolly book of quotes."


Katy Riddington

Strategic Initiatives Director

"As my career has developed, I have realised that I take my inspiration and energy from the women around me."


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