Materials and environmental testing


Composites and advanced materials face tough challenges in demanding environments; from hydrogen storage, to energy generation, defence and transportation. Evaluating the suitability of materials in new products for harsh environments is critical to establish commercial viability. We offer a comprehensive range of environmental testing services for materials, from designing test programmes to the development of bespoke tests and test pyramids.

We support the adoption of advanced materials into new applications by being at the forefront of industry methods and standards for testing, such as cryogenic temperature cycling and pressure testing for hydrogen storage. Whether fire, smoke and toxicity or exposure to environmental conditions like sea-water, our extensive experience and strong materials partnerships can help. From materials behaviour, failure analysis and degradation beyond established operating conditions, we can enable enhanced confidence in materials performance. 

How we can help you

Testing design

Knowing what to test for, how to test and who can test can be challenging. Our experienced engineers possess the skills, knowledge and expertise to design test programmes that align with industry standards. Collaborating to deliver an efficient and effective delivery approach, we have experience in designing and delivering test pyramids with a wide range of sectors, applications and materials.

Beyond utilising established test methods and standards, we design and deliver bespoke test methods. Through our strong network of partnerships, we work with industry bodies to push the boundaries in state-of-the-art of testing to enable the innovations in new products and materials. 

Environmental and application testing

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Environmental and application testing

We offer a comprehensive range of application and environmental testing services to assess advanced materials for the applications they’ll be deployed in. 

Our leading developments in cryogenic temperature cyclic testing mean we can test materials in a cheaper and faster way. Our recent addition of pressure testing capability for hydrogen pressure vessels means we can validate designs and manufacturing proof of concepts against standards.

Whether fire, smoke and toxicity or exposure to environmental conditions like sea-water, our extensive testing experience and strong industry partnerships can help.

Mechanical testing

A crucial and standard part of the design and manufacturing process, mechanical testing determines the mechanical properties of a material, component or product. Evaluating the impact of changes on material and component performance during the product development phase can help to optimise the design and manufacturing process. 

Our specialist manufacturing and testing engineers work alongside, utilising vast experience with access to our state-of-the art facility, and range of technologies. Underpinned by our strong collaborative partnerships, and supply chain networks, we undertake mechanical testing to the required quality and standards. From tensile and compression to impact and shear, we have the capabilities to meet your testing needs.

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