High Volume Manufacturing


A composite sheet is melted and formed, and then thermoplastic polymer is injected over the surface in this highly automated process, that can achieve rapid cycle production of less than 5 minutes with potential for under 60 second cycle times for some parts.  The process combines the structural benefit of long-fibre reinforced composite sheet with the speed and geometric complexity of injection moulding.


  • Stiffening ribs, bosses or inserts for automotive and rail exteriors
  • Aerospace and rail interiors, automotive structural members, battery and motor casings

Automated Preforming Cell

The NCC is home to automated Industry 4.0 enabled multifunctional preforming cells to create fast, repeatable, complex parts. The Automated Preforming Cell (APC) enables the fabrication of parts using diverse processes and is capable of developing complex geometries in a fully automated process to create highly repeatable parts up to 1m x 3m.


  • Aerospace (stringers and composite wing components)
  • Automotive (forming structural composite components)


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